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Network Health Check

Server Centre can engage with Partners and Customers around a wide range of Professional Services based activities. Within that area, our health check offering focuses our engagement around certain scenarios, whether that is pre project validations and analysis, mid or post project assessments, or simply in life fit for use analysis. Our standard options, including the intended output and some guidelines, are covered below. We believe that these cover a number of important areas for customers, but we are equally ready to investigate more bespoke and customized options also.

All of our standard Health Checks offerings follow a similar model, which is:

  • Information Collection 
  • Information Analysis & Assessment
  • Document and Recommend

Depending on the customer circumstances, we are able to perform the collection onsite at key locations, all locations, or remotely via remote access or pre provided information exerts. 

Customer Options

The following options for Health Checks are not exhaustive, and intended more to give customer standard options which we find are relevant to our previous engagements and requests. We are able to work with custom requests, in order to meet the specific targets Partners and Customers have.  

Service Readiness

This option is intended for customers who have already defined a roadmap or strategic actions to take place within their IT infrastructure. The health check is intended to focus both the collection of data, analysis of information and resulting report towards a specific area. For instance a customer may want to deploy Unified Communications for the first time, and the report would need to check elements such as the below (not limited to):

  • Network Scalability
  • Network Segmentation
  • Network Power Delivery
  • Network Topology
  • Supporting Infrastructure (Domain, Group Policy, DNS & DHCP)

We are given a clear brief of the works the customer is intending, and therefore assess the IT infrastructure for its ability to support that plan.

Examples of business activities which may require a readiness health check are:

  • Pending Unified Communications deployments, that require a check of the underlying network deployed
  • Email & Messaging expansion or deployment plans, that need to understand the existing infrastructure and its gaps
  • Developing Cloud Services strategies and need to understand the infrastructure is ready

Network Services

This check is intended for customers who may have a roadmap/plans, or existing and known issues which are focused around WAN, LAN and Security network services. We perform a detailed interrogation of layers 1- 3 architecture, ensuring it is configured and deployed in-line with good practice and has no obvious faults and/or risks. We engage with teams and owners who operate the system, as well as gain controlled access to assess, analyse and provide recommendations where required. 

Within this professional service, we offer customers the ability to provide access to or reports generated from management services such as monitoring and asset. We will analyse those as part of the overall service and recommendations, and can also provide additional services for remedial works.

Domain Services

Since many advanced and converged applications utilise existing domain and supporting services, we offer customers a health check focused on ensuring those critical systems are scaled, configured and operational in line with future plans or existing requirements. We perform an interrogation of supporting services such as DNS (internal and external naming services), DHCP, Active Directory, Group Policy and Server builds, including certain targeted Microsoft applications such as SQL or Exchange.


  • Onsite or remote collection of information (relevant to the health check required)
  • Detailed technical analysis of existing solution
  • Detailed technical recommendations to rectify the gaps
  • Professional Report with analysis of captured information with detailed and summary recommendations.
  • Estimates for remedial works (where required

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