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Private VMware Cloud

Get out of the data centre business

Migrate your VMware®-powered production workloads from your on-premise data centre (DC) into a fully managed Server Centre V-DC. With Managed Virtualisation, you get your choice of two options: control your VMs directly, or let us manage them for you.

What Exactly is a Private Cloud?

A Private Cloud, sometimes called an Enterprise Cloud, is simply a dedicated hardware environment (pooled resources) with a virtualisation layer running on top, allowing you to create and manage multiple virtual servers within a set of physical servers. Since it's a dedicated environment, you - and only you- are living on it.

Your Mission Critical Applications are Ready to Run on a Private Cloud

Most clouds that people are familiar with are the public clouds, also known as shared clouds or private virtual servers. These clouds have hundreds or even thousands of businesses running in isolated containers within the same physical environment. And there are a lot of benefits to public clouds. But for some businesses, certain feature limitations and the implications on an application's architecture are definite drawbacks. They make it too difficult to transition from a dedicated environment to a public cloud.

Private Clouds, however, are an easy step into the realm of cloud computing. Each customer is physically separated on their own dedicated hardware. Not to forget that the support is also handled like a traditional managed hosting environment. So high levels of security, reliability, performance, customisation and service are simply inherent to the solution. Think of it as getting the best of the cloud combined with the best of managed hosting - without the limitations of either.

Our Private Clouds utilise VMware vSphere running on powerful branded Servers to deliver cost-effective, scalable and reliable Cloud Computing. With a Private Cloud, you are free to run whatever software you want and control the Virtual Machines and assigned resources running within your Cloud. You can run any Guest Operating System that runs under VMware ESX.

Platform Options:

  • Starter Private Clouds (Low Cost)
  • Enterprise Private Clouds (Fault-Tolerant)

Starter Private Cloud

Starter Private Clouds deliver low-cost VMware Virtual Machines running on high-performance, standalone HP servers. You are free to run whatever server configurations and software you want on your Cloud environment. You can provide your own VMware images (VMDK file), run off-the-shelf appliances from VMware's Partner Catalog, or Server Centre can install and support your Virtual Machines Operating System and Applications.

Enterprise Private Cloud

Designed for business critical applications where uptime and availability is critical.

Our Enterprise VMware hosting platforms are built on VMware vSphere ESX Enterprise, including VMware HA (High Availability) and VMware vMotion utilising clustered servers connected to a high-performance iSCSI Storage Area Network (SAN). All Virtual Machines and data are kept on the SAN so If any server fails, all virtual machines running on a failed server automatically restart on another server within the cluster - with no changes required to your applications or software.

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