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Server Centre provide Point to Point (P2P) network solutions, enabling your office to be connected to our mighty UK network. This provides the opportunity for:

  • Your hosting platform to be on a local network to your office (MPLS)
  • Huge bandwidth capability between your hosting platform and office, perfect for replicating and synchronising data
  • A localised disaster recovery plan, with uber-fast backup capability
  • A lower cost of ownership for your office infrastructure

Service Features

As you'd expect, our P2P solutions are of the highest quality.

  • Carrier Neutral
  • Choice of bandwidth/speeds (2Mb - 10 Gb)
  • Flat rate monthly billing
  • Interclass bursting for greater bandwidth efficiency
  • Choice of interface handoffs (e.g. Fast Ethernet or Gigabyte Ethernet)
  • End to End QoS guarantees

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