What changes will I see in the Lync client update

Microsoft have schedued an update to the Microsoft Lync client on the 14th April to rebrand the client Skype for Business. The Lync 2013 client will simply become the SfB client.  The client will ship with two UI’s or skins.  This will allow administrators to choose which one works best for their environment.

Do I need to upgrade?

The update is going to be distributed via Windows Update as an Office update.

Server Centre have enabled the new UI on the default client policies to allow out clients to take advantage of the new client UI.

If you would not like to use the new UI for your users please let us know and we will assign you a new client policy that has the Skype for Business UI disabled.

What changes can I expect?


The installer will replace all of the Lync Sounds with the Skype Sounds. This is the most notable change that you will notice.  The sounds are very different then before.

Meeting Links

If you are using Lync Conferencing you will notice that the Lync update will update the Outlook Plugin and change the Lync Meeting to a Skype Meeting

The Join a Meeting link.


Your Lync icon will look a lot like Skype for Business icon regardless which UI you choose.

Title Bar

The title is going to say Skype for Business.  If you have the Lync UI, it will say Skype for Business (Lync Mode).


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