10 Lync Keyboard Shortcuts

10 Keyboard Shortcuts everyone should know

Microsoft have published a guide on Microsoft Lync keyboard shortcuts titled Lync 2013 Keyboard Shortcuts. It's a short PDF listing out all the keyboard shortcuts you can use to get around Lync. We have listed the 10 shortcuts we use the most;

Conversations Shortcuts

Accept a conversation invite (use anywhere) – Windows Logo Key + A
Decline an invite (use anywhere) – Windows Logo Key + Esc
Accept an invite (while in Conversation window) – Alt + C
Engage Privacy Mode – Alt + I
Change between conversation windows – Ctrl + Tab
Save an IM log in Conversation History – Ctrl + S

Phone Calls Shortcuts

Accept a call* – Alt + C
Mute your audio – Windows Logo Key + F4
Place a call on Hold – Ctrl + Shift + H

Meetings/Presentations Shortcuts

Start a “Meet Now” meeting – Alt + M
If Presenting: start/stop sharing, fullscreen/come out of fullscreen, close the sharing stage, switch views gallery/speaker

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