3 Things that may surprise new Microsoft Lync Users

1. The Lync client window is incredibly handy – you will rely on it for everything

Sitting quietly on the desktop, the Lync client is the window connecting you to colleagues, clients & partners.  Its bright colours helpfully indicate the availability and activities of the people you work with every day.  The Lync clients becomes an integral part of your day-to-day activity and signing into Lync is like plugging yourself into your workplace.  Lync makes your whole team feel connected especially fir those working remotely or in different office locations.

2. You will grow very accustomed to receiving information instantly

When you start using Instant Messaging for the first time, it doesn’t take long to get used to having instant responses and solving problems quickly.  Features such as status tag (notification when contacts are available), desktop sharing and the facility to contact colleagues from within shared documents will empower you to work efficiently and collaboratively and this is likely to become the norm across your organisation.

3. You’ll wonder why you’ve not discovered headsets earlier

Headsets are usually associated with pilots and call centres, but once you start using them you won’t go back.  Headsets allow you to accept or reject audio or video calls seamlessly, not to mention the improved HD voice quality when using devices from the Jabra and Plantronics ranges. Not only will your hands and your head be more comfortable while on a call, you can IM or draw doodle diagrams till your hearts content!
If you would like to try Microsoft Lync you can request accounts here.

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