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CloudCentre is a distributed SaaS solution enabling Service Management to enable IT Service Teams to centrally deploy and manage users across multiple applications. Whether your deployment strategy is for Private Cloud, Data Centre, Public Cloud or a mix of all three we can securely integrate and control complex and mixed environment. Users can be provisioned quickly and consistently across multiple services, and even migrated between On Premise and Cloud Based strategies within a single user friendly interface.

In addition to user and feature management, CloudCentre also provide critical reporting of your environment. Information can be accessed via web based reports, or exported for further analysis, to ensure that your IT services are fully visible and accountable

  • One Portal, Any Cloud - Private Cloud onpremise, in the datacentre. Office 365 or a mix.
  • Fast Deployment - As a distributed SaaS solution, there are no delays waiting for hardware purchases, change management, or network operations planning


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