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Our Network

From inception, our network has been designed with two objectives in mind: no single point of failure, and minimal latency

Connecting our data centres is a fully resilient fibre ring which provides resiliency and diversity to minimise the impact of a failure. Each data centre network hub houses a pair of Cisco Catalyst 4500 series modular switches each equipped with dual supervisors and power supplies.

Our national MPLS enabled network enables private circuits to be provided to customers not only between our datacentre sites but to their offices or customer locations.

Our internet breakout locations are equipped with best of breed Cisco networking hardware. Transit is provided by a blend of Tier 1 providers and private peering agreements to ensure that your content takes the fastest route to its destination.

Automatic systems constantly monitor our entire network, transit links and servers. In the event of any problem, our data centre teams are on site 24 hours a day. We hold on-site spares for the critical equipment that powers our network to assist us in ensuring that we maintain our 100% uptime guarantee.

Our network is built from the ground up using Cisco routers and switches. This gives us benefits in terms of reliability, interoperability and redundancy.

We've worked hard to deploy a network with zero packet loss. We use a unique BGP routing scheme over multiple 10Gb connections to keep your connection performing at it's optimum. In addition our network is monitored 24x7 by our NOC staff.  

With extremely low latency and a congestion-free design our network is ideal for VOIP, media streaming and other high demand applications.

RIPE Member

Server Centre is a member of RIPE (AS60739) – the European governing body for IP address allocation, enabling Server Centre to control and manage your IP resource allocation.

Peering Policy

We operate an open peering policy, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information. There are no contractual requirements but we do require that you are interconnected via a minimum of a 1Gbps port for both public & private peers.

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