VMware Hosting

Next Generation Platform - Deploy Virtual Machines, Build Networks and configure firewalls from a single interface

Server Centre VMware Hosting: Enterprise level cloud server infrastructure with ultimate flexibility at a fraction of the price of managed dedicated server hosting.

Our Enterprise Cloud solution is built on VMware's industry-leading virtualisation technology to offer you:

  • Guaranteed resources  of dedicated hosting
  • The flexibility of a Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Guaranteed 100% hardware and network uptime SLA

  • Cloud Servers

    Scale Servers on-Demand

    Need more capacity? As a VMware Service Provider we can allocate new virtual servers in minutes with the Enterprise Cloud solution. You only pay for what you need, with the flexibility to add and remove servers, storage space and other resources to meet changing demand - with nothing more than a simple phone call.

    To make sure our VMware hosting solution is right for you we'll do whatever it takes: to meet your exact needs we'll customise our offering and give you a choice of service levels backed up by industry leading SLAs.

    • Change your server config in seconds
    • 100% hardware and network uptime SLA
    • Managed private firewall protection
    • 1000GB per month bandwidth
    • 1Gbps connection to our network
    • Daily server snapshots
    • Optional daily data back up
    • State-of-the-art hardware
    • Advanced server monitoring
    • Full DNS management





    Price per month £49.99 £96.99 £121.99  From £35.99
    vCPU(s) 1 vCPU 2 vCPUs  2 vCPUs   1-8 vCPU's
    RAM 1GB 2GB 4GB 1GB - 16GB
    SAN Space 30GB 50GB 100GB 1GB - 2000GB 
    Choice of OS yes yes  yes yes 
    Data Transfer  500GB 1,000GB 2,000GB 100GB - 10,000GB 
    Gigbit Network yes yes yes  yes
    Fully Automated Failover yes yes  yes  yes
    RAID 10 SAN yes yes  yes yes 
    Financially Backed SLA  yes yes yes yes 
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  • VMware Data Centre

    Server Centre's hosted VMware Resource Pool gives you the ability to build your own virtual data centre, with full administrator access to manage all aspects of your environment through a web browser (VMware vCloud Director) slice and dice 10GB RAM (or more!) and physical disk space into multiple virtual machines as you need them, when you need them.

    Talk about flexibility

    Your own remote data centre through simple online wizards and leverage the power of virtualisation through the Internet. Simply choose the processor (vCPU), memory, storage, and network resources you require and then utilise these to deploy your hosted VMware environment. Create virtual servers or vApps, private internal networks or firewalls in minutes.

    Dedicated VMware Infrastructure

    Our hosted VMware Resource Pool offers guaranteed computing resource on our highly resilient VMware hosting platform dedicated for your use only. You specify the resources you need in terms of CPU's, SAN storage, Memory and once ordered these are assigned for your exclusive use.

    VMware vCloud Director

    vCloud Director is the industry leading control panel that allows you to configure and manage all aspects of your virtualised environment. Create and configure your virtual data centre exactly the way you want it. Deploy Virtual Servers in minutes from our pre-built Catalog, upload your own OVF templates or create new vApps, Virtual Servers, internal networks and firewalls.

    Zero Capital Expenditure

    By selecting just the components you need at the right time you can make significant savings over buying the resources required to deploy a Dedicated Cloud which can be expensive and a waste of resource for many organisations. Easily grow your assigned resources in seconds and take advantage of the many other products and services available from Server Centre to create a Hybrid cloud to match your exact Infrastructure and Application needs.

    The Virtual Data Centre Advantage

    Our virtual data centre provides organisations with a cost effective way to provision services. Giving the Business a fixed budget solution and all the benefits of dynamic virtualisation platform to the IT Department.

    High Availability

    Server Centre only uses the full enterprise licensing of VMware vSphere which includes vMotion and DRS to meet our 99.999% uptime service level agreement. In addition we offer our full platform in 2 geographically disperse data centres allowing you to create fully resilient multi-site configurations for disaster recovery/business continuity and load balancing.

  • VMware Private Cloud

    Get the benefits of a Cloud using Dedicated Resources

    What Exactly is a Private Cloud? A Private Cloud, sometimes called an Enterprise Cloud, is simply a dedicated hardware environment (pooled resources) with a virtualisation layer running on top, allowing you to create and manage multiple virtual servers within a set of physical servers. Since it's a dedicated environment, you - and only you- are living on it.

    Your Mission Critical Applications are Ready to Run on a Private Cloud

    Most clouds that people are familiar with are the public clouds, also known as shared clouds or private virtual servers. These clouds have hundreds or even thousands of businesses running in isolated containers within the same physical environment. And there are a lot of benefits to public clouds. But for some businesses, certain feature limitations and the implications on an application's architecture are definite drawbacks. They make it too difficult to transition from a dedicated environment to a public cloud.

    Private Clouds, however, are an easy step into the realm of cloud computing. Each customer is physically separated on their own dedicated hardware. Not to forget that the support is also handled like a traditional managed hosting environment. So high levels of security, reliability, performance, customisation and service are simply inherent to the solution. Think of it as getting the best of the cloud combined with the best of managed hosting - without the limitations of either.

    Our Private Clouds utilise VMware vSphere running on powerful branded Servers to deliver cost-effective, scalable and reliable Cloud Computing. With a Private Cloud, you are free to run whatever software you want and control the Virtual Machines and assigned resources running within your Cloud. You can run any Guest Operating System that runs under VMware ESX.

    Platform Options:

    • Starter Private Clouds (Low Cost)
    • Enterprise Private Clouds (Fault-Tolerant)

    Starter Private Cloud

    Starter Private Clouds deliver low-cost VMware Virtual Machines running on high-performance, standalone HP servers. You are free to run whatever server configurations and software you want on your Cloud environment. You can provide your own VMware images (VMDK file), run off-the-shelf appliances from VMware's Partner Catalog, or Server Centre can install and support your Virtual Machines Operating System and Applications.

    Enterprise Private Cloud

    Designed for business critical applications where uptime and availability is critical.

    Our Enterprise VMware hosting platforms are built on VMware vSphere ESX Enterprise, including VMware HA (High Availability) and VMware vMotion utilising clustered servers connected to a high-performance iSCSI Storage Area Network (SAN). All Virtual Machines and data are kept on the SAN so If any server fails, all virtual machines running on a failed server automatically restart on another server within the cluster - with no changes required to your applications or software.

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