Node4 will be applying software updates to two of our core routers – one at our Manchester POP & one at our Global Switch (London) POP. These upgrades are required to fix a defect which results in BGP instabilities when a specific type of BGP update is received with malformed attributes. These upgrades had been originally scheduled in to the maintenance windows on 30/9/11 & 07/10/11 however we experienced a partial upgrade failure on the Manchester router during the first window therefore we held off on any further upgrades until this had been investigated. Vendor TAC have now provided a new upgrade procedure and therefore we are now in a position to complete the upgrades.


Services & Locations Affected:

IP & MPLS services (layer-2 & layer-3 VPNs) for customers with Inter-connects terminating at the Manchester & Global Switch (London) POPs


These services will not be available for some customers*, those with direct non-resilient connections to the router being upgraded, while the upgrades take place – We estimated that these customers will experience one period of downtime of up to 4mins. Although service will be “at risk” for the full maintenance window.

*These customers will be emailed directly before the end of day on 11th October

Services & Locations Affected:

Internet Transit & MPLS Services


Services will be “at risk” as some network resiliency will be lost during the maintenance window.

Maintenance Window

Thursday 27th October 01.00 – 05.00

All further updates relating to this maintenance will be added to this post.

Our network operations engineers will closely monitor the work and will do everything possible to minimise any inconvenience to you. If you have any problems with your connection after this time, or if you have any questions regarding the maintenance at any point, please call Technical Support at 0845 4133800 or visit

While it is important for Server Centre to perform maintenance such as this to ensure the quality of our network, we do everything possible to minimise any inconvenience to our customers. We appreciate your patience and welcome any feedback.

Best regards,

Server Centre

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