Managed Colocation

10U Colocation

24U Colocation

42U Colocation

Rack Space 1/4 Rack (10U) ;1/2 Rack (24U) Full Rack (42U)
Power 2 Amps 4 Amps 8-16 Amps
Connectivity 100Mbps 100Mbps* 100Mbps**
Data Transfer 3Mbps 5Mbps 10Mbps
IP Addresses - IPv4 & IPv6 As required As required As required
Physical Address Escorted Escorted Own Swipe Cards
Additional Services Remote Hands Remote Hands Remote Hands
Backups Backups Backups
Remote Reboots Remote Reboots Remote Reboots
Support Free physical adds, moves & changes Free physical adds, moves & changes Free physical adds, moves & changes

Expert design and layout of your racks

We use best practice and modular designs to ensure high availability.

We receive, unpack and prepare your equipment

No need to spend time unpacking and setting up.

We perform all racking and installation of equipment

We build every rack to very high standards.

We custom cable your equipment

No more messy racks - all cabling is neatly dressed in and made to measure.

We label every device and cable

On both ends - using a logical naming convention that ensures unique identification.

We document the finished installation

Clear Visio diagrams are made available to you online.

Any adds, moves or changes are performed by Server Centre, free of charge

No need to visit the data centre - just open a support ticket.

What is a Managed Colocation service?

Our engineers will pro-actively manage your colocation racks and physical equipment for the life of your contract, at no extra charge.

Any equipment adds, moves, changes or cabling is carried out by our engineers to ensure quality and reliability of your hosted IT infrastructure maintained. This means you get manageable, reliable infrastructure you can depend on. Just ship your equipment to us and we will take care of the rest. This service is perfect for those who are not able to visit the facility easily or are located abroad. You still have full access to your racks whenever you need it.

Colocation Remote Power Management

Dual power sources are available for all full cabinets. We can provide you with separate A+B power supplies into your racks for diversity. We use intelligent rack PDU devices which perform power switching and measurement. These units are attached to our secure management networks to ensure only the right people have access via the easy to use web interface. You can remotely power cycle your devices as well as viewing real-time digital power utilisation statistics.

IP Transit and Connectivity

All colocation includes connectivity to our network and a generous allocation of IP transit. Server Centre offers single or multiple network feeds into your racks from our resilient access network. We supply you with a blend of quality Tier-1 IP transit and local peering for maximum resilience and lowest latency. We won’t charge you for cross connects between your cabinets if they are in the same suite. All of the facilities that Server Centre hosts in have access to a wide variety of global transit providers and local Metro Ethernet carriers.

Attention to Detail

We use device naming conventions, carefully label your collocated devices and cables on both ends and we even make our own Cat 5/6 cables to length. When we design and build your colocation racks we always bear in mind several principles to ensure that a failure of any one component does not affect the continued operation of your infrastructure.

In most colocation facilities you will find racks filled with devices, stacked on top of one another, with no cable management or labelling. The result is an unstable infrastructure which no one wants to touch, for fear of taking the entire site offline. We don’t do things this way and you will be pleasantly surprised at the build quality of our installations. It is one thing to build a neat, well designed infrastructure but maintaining it is the real challenge, and that is where Server Centre is really ahead of the competition.

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