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Hosted Dynamics CRM

Hosted Dynamics CRM is a full service customer relationship management suite and provides a full 360-degree, real-time view of each of your customers and prospects providing valuable business intelligence not only for your sales team but also for your marketing, and customer service teams.

Hosted Dynamics CRM provides an immediate, customisable, and cost effective solution which drives steady, quantifiable improvements in business processes company-wide as it integrates sales and marketing campaign management tools as well as ticketing systems for your customer support team in one platform to provide you with a complete picture for your customers and prospects. Closely integrated with Exchange CRM Dynamics adds more functionality to a communication platform your users are already familiar with.

  • Features

    Integration with Office Users already familar with the Microsoft Office interface will require less training and will be more productive sooner with Dynamics CRM.
    Streamline processes New and enhanced tools enable end-users, developers, and IT professionals to create and store workflows. The ability to maintain consistent and streamlined processes across the company becomes a competitive advantage.
    Multiple dashboards Users can quickly configure multiple dashbaords; and they can be set up for individual or shared use. You can use inline charts; identify new trends and so on with Microsoft CRM.
    Easy reporting Improved end-used friendly reporting tools allow staff and management to make better use of CRM data without the assistance of the IT department.
    Security Create a very granular security structure, with support for sharing and assignment of record ownership to a particular business unit all the way down to an individual.
    Integration with SharePoint Dynamic CRM 2011 plus SharePoint equals: enhanced collaboration and data viewing/analyzing capabilities.
    Multi-lingual Dynamics CRM can be configured to support users based in different parts of the world. It is not limited to English.
    Audit trail Audit trail support can determine who and when a record was created/updated.
    Smart Search Smart Search makes finding easier by eliminating clicks and removing the necessity for a separate lookup window. Exact matches as well as relevant partial matches are quickly displayed.
    Smart phone support Microsoft's CRM supports the majors smart phone platforms: BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm, Windows Mobile, Windows CE.
    Role based forms and views Display forms and views based on defined user roles. Ensures that users have faster access to the relevant information.
    Outlook Integration Superior and seamless integration between Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Outlook means you don't need to manage e-mails in both your email client and your CRM.
    Knowledge management Eliminate information silos by creating and updating a centralized knowledge repository. Easy to use tools help define access rules.
    Complete account history From to lead to prospect to active account, throughout a customer's lifecyle Dynamics CRM Online enables sharing essential account details across all departments.
    Unlimited notes per contact Create and view an unlimimted number of notes for every contact. Each note in the CRM will also have a date/time stamp.
    Store emails
    All the e-mail history with a lead/account is stored inside the CRM database and can be accessed via the web.
    Sales force automation CRM optimises your sales efforts with intutive features. Track sales, shorten the sales cycle, increases close rates, maximise revenue.
    Marketing automation Utilise workflows, analytics and enhanced collaboration features to improve marketing productivity and efficiency.
    Customer Service Support Use CRM to define workflows, scripts and escalation rules. Operate more effectively by tracking cases and setting priorities.
    Business Intelligence Business intelligence (BI) is the new competitive advantage. Dynamics CRM offers exceptional support for key performance indicators (KPIs), analytics and custom dashboards.
    Workflow Wizard The new Microsoft CRM Workflow Wizard empowers end users to create workflows more quickly and easily with a visual design environment.
    Report Wizard Use standard charts or customize your own. Embed them in your dashboard and have them update in realtime.
    Global business support A unified look & feel, standardised workflows and realtime tracking, plus multiple languages, currencies, time zones and more. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to make modern companies more competitive.
    Manage data intelligently The Microsoft CRM data management capabilities empower people to import data rapidly. Build in functionality preserves the integrity and accuracy of your database.
  • Customer Relationship Management Features

    Contact management When paired together, Dynamics CRM and Outlook become a single seamless tool.
    Duplicate merge process Use advance features to merge duplicate records and help increase data quality.
    Custom workflows Save time and use Online CRM to create an unlimited number of multi-stage workflows to automate frequently used processes.
    Alerts Define business rules and milestone events that can trigger automatic alerts.
    Powerful data importing tools Robust data importing capabilities allows end users to add data to the system quickly and easily without waiting for IT assistance.
    Forecast customer behavior Forecast customers needs and identify behaviour pattern by using thorough yet flexible analytic functionality.
    Multiple relationships for each contact and account Dynamics CRM mirrors how your business operates. You can create one-to-one, many-to-one, and many-to-many relationships.
    Auto responders-forward to appropriate recipient Incoming emails can have customised auto responders. With CRM Online, emails can also be routed to the appropriate recepient(s).
    Multiple addresses for each contact and account Dynamics CRM give you the ability to manage key account information even as companies operate indepedent of time and space.
  • Sales Force Automation

    Track leads Use real-time dashboards to monitor leads and opportinites as your team manages the sales cycle.
    Email blasts Use Microsoft Exchange Server or SMTP server to proactively reach out to leads, prospects and accounts.
    Planning and management Take control of the sales process with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Set up territories, assign accounts, create price lists, capture best practices in the Resource Center and more.
    Mobile ready The sales team can be empowered with real-time access to customer data from any web-enabled device.
    Advanced analytics and reporting Robust out-of-the-box tools and reports can be easily supplemented with ad-hoc customizations. Team and individual performance can be tracked in real-time.
    Optimize wordflows Create and enforce best practices. Dynamics Online CRM is a tool that can automatically create and assign tasks, structure and streamline approvals, etc.
    Proposals and quotes Develop a sales material quickly by pulling information from multiple sources, crafting it in MS Office and then sorting it in the CRM for future reference.
    Orders & invoicing Your billing system can be integrated to automatically converse with Dynamics CRM. Data can also be exchanged utilising import/export wizards.
    Information is power Beat sales commitments by providing your sale force with higher quality information that is easily accessible.
    Competitive advantage Companies can no longer afford to rely sales' hunches and dated myths. An automated sales force is able to think less, stay focused and do more.
  • Marketing Automation

    Improve segmentation Create targeted lists and/or views that can be easily shared internally or with outside vendors.
    Campaign management Efficiently create, launch, complete and analyze campaigns in less time with fewer clicks.
    Keep the company in sync Easily collect, collaborate and share critical informtion with sales, customer service, as well as remote staff and headquarters upper management.
    Maximize execution Track and manage all essential campaign details and activities. Facilitate the flow information throughout the marketing process.
    Increase the odd for success Prevent making the same mistake twice or curate the duplication of a past success by collecting gathered analysis and intelligence.
    Internet lead capture Develop multiple landing pages each aimed at a particular target market and message. Use workflows to assign leads based on business rules and page-centric customer interest.
    Mail merge friendly Mass mailings can be streamlined by utilizing the intuitive build-in mail-merge capabilities.
    Crowdsource innovation Enable marketing to effortlessly communicate and collaborate with sales and customer service to develop ideas for new products and services.
  • Customer Service Software

    End to end support From supporting call centre staff to scheduling service calls Microsoft Dynamics CRM is ready.
    Powerful management tools Monitor and analyze the performance for business units, departments, teams and individuals.
    Provide a consistent experience Strengthen the relationship between your brand and its customers by ensuring there is consistency across all touch points.
    Enhanced account management Define teams comprized of personnel from multiple departments and assign those teams to the accounts they best fit.
    Escalation rules Strengthen the relationship between your brand and its customers by empowering your company with a tools that helps maintain consistency across all touch points.
    Maximize case handling Fine tune your workflows and training to not only respond faster but resolve better too.
    Measure and adjust State of the art analytics, flexible reporting and real-time dashboards empower customer service to be part of the ROI equation.
    Personalise inside and out Call centre personnel can customize their navigation, dashboards and data views. Having the right information at the right time allows reps to resolve issues based on the value and details of the customer/account.
  • Plans & Pricing

    Our pricing is simple! Just estimate how much space you think you need. We can upgrade easily and quickly if you need more in the future and proceed to our secure ordering pages by following the link below.


    Dynamics Professional

    Dynamics Enterprise

    Monthly price per user £29.99 £34.99
    Storage 5Gb 25Gb
    Workflows 200 400
    Custom Entities 300 500
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 yes  yes
    Outlook Integration yes yes
    99.99% Financially backed SLA yes yes
    Telephone Support 7am - 7pm 7am - 7pm
    24/7 Support by Email yes yes
    RemoteHands Migration yes yes
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