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Everything together in one place.

A key advantage to SharePoint is that all your data is centralized and accessible at any time. You can’t leave something on the wrong computer since everything is stored in one place on the web - safe, secure, and password protected.

No training or equipment needed.

There is nothing to download or install, no hardware to buy, and no server maintenance. Our SharePoint hosting plans require no technical expertise and come complete with everything you need to get started immediately.

  • What is Sharepoint?

    Hosted SharePoint is the ideal document management tool, helping you to manage your organisation better. It enables your team to work faster and smarter through collaboration and efficient document sharing. With its familiar interface and seamless connection to Microsoft Office you can work comfortably and confidently. Your employees are able to share ideas and expertise, help design solutions for specific needs and find the right information to make better decisions.

    Hosted SharePoint 2010 dramatically increases employee productivity. It allows you to combine your portal, document management and collaboration tool all into one application. Collaboration is made possible between employees on documents even when those users are not based in the same location. Non-technical staff can easily customise SharePoint and install, move and remove modules to increase productivity.

    You can experience the benefit of high-end software without the drawback of high-end cost. By using Hosted SharePoint, training, hardware and maintenance costs are reduced and IT staff have more time to really focus in on business strategy.


    Sharepoint allows easy fuss-free collaboration between staff, clients and end users all in the same workspace. It's a great way to desseminate information throughout your organisation, from HR & Process workflow, to Project Management documentation and so much more.

  • Why Use Sharepoint?

    Microsoft SharePoint is an online collaboration platform that allows employees to work together by sharing information securely over the internet. Using Hosted SharePoint within the workplace will increase productivity, improve efficiency and help your staff work together both smarter and faster.

    What is Microsoft SharePoint?

    It is an extremely versatile tool used to help people work together and share Information. The functionality of the platform allows users to work together from any location on the same projects, documents and other business critical information. Share contacts, diaries, events and even start online conversations with all from one centralised solution. Every user with a web browser can have secure access to information of the department or the entire organisation.

    The functionality in a nutshell...

    Flexibility. Share documents, calendars, diaries and contacts securely between employees from a user friendly interface.

    Accessibility. Access and share company data from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

    Security. SSL 256-bit encryption, giving you peace of mind that your data is always secure

    Increase productivity. Employees can work together from a single workspace no matter where they are located. Get fast access to business critical information and enjoy real time online notifications and discussions.

    Seamless integration. SharePoint integrates seamlessly with your existing Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Outlook and Hosted Exchange email services.

    Business Continuity. All business critical data is securely backed up online, safeguarding the future of your business.

    Cost effective. Reduce your administration and storage costs by working smarter with our future proof platform.

    Professional Support

    Professional customer support is provided by our team of engineers. A fast, friendly and professional support service is only ever a phone call away.

    Why would you use Our Hosted SharePoint Services?

    The platform is extremely versatile. It can be used for many purposes such as;

    Remote working. Use SharePoint as a central store for project work, documents, blogs and other online workspace. Bring satellite offices and distance workers together.

    Staff management. Track staff absence, manage holidays and run message boards.

    Improve customer relations. Create a secure intranet connection specifically for your customers on an individual or organisation wide basis. Keep your clients in the loop and increase marketing opportunities by sharing useful information and resources

    Document control. Take advantage of some excellent document management features. Give everyone access to the latest documents while keeping a breadcrumb trail of previous document versions. Track document changes such as what's changed and who has changed it.

  • Pricing

    Our pricing is simple! Just estimate how much space you think you need. Should you require any additional users we can easily add more at a cost of £1.50 per user. We can upgrade easily and quickly if you need more in the future.

    SharePoint Space

    Included Users

    Monthly Price

    500MB 1 £6.99
    1GB 2 £13.99
    2GB 4 £20.99
    10GB 8 £54.99
    25GB 10 £85.99
    50GB 15 £139.99
    100GB 25 £274.99

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