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Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by webby, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. webby Debs

    First time I've set up a subdomain, so not too sure how it should work. I set up one this morning which although part of my site, is a separate project. What I don't understand is why it works ok with the address as:


    but not as:


    I want the www in the url, but how do I get it to show that? Do I need to do a rewrite in htaccess, or is there some simpler way?

    Any help greatly appreciated.

  2. BurningSnowman Moderator

    I think it does that automagically as far as cPanel is concerned, or at least it used to. You may need to ask support to add a DNS record for www.subdomain.mysite.com, so that it gets to the server in the first place. Or you might be able to set up www.subdomain as a new sub and then redirect it, but that uses another one and makes the cPanel side more complicated than it should be.
  3. webby Debs

    Thank you for your prompt response Mr Snowman :)

    I had assumed it would automagically include the www. bit and as it is sitting in the root folder, to me, it seems it should do, and also work without it.

    I have a rewrite in htaccess for my domains to always have the sites with www included. I'm not sure if that would work for this subdomain.

    I've not actually put any files on the subdomain yet, so would it be a better idea to delete that subdomain and create one as www.subdomain?

    Oh I is very confused by this :(
  4. webby Debs

    ah problem now solved :)

    the subdomain needed to propagate for the www first - now done and everything's hunky dory :)
  5. BurningSnowman Moderator

    Ah, good to hear - I thought it used to! :)

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