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Discussion in 'HTML Development' started by rsmithers.net, Dec 12, 2006.

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    I would like to use HTTPS on a page for logging in and creating logins, I have never done this before but I do have some basic understanding of roughly whats involved.

    I also understand my control panel has options for OpenPGP keys and a SSL manager. Am I right in thinking these acheive similar tasks, or are these for different jobs as it were?

    Also, could some one provide some practical advice on what I need to do to get a HTTPS connection working, if I understand correct, I create a certificate, but im not sure if thats it apart from using anchors with https instead of http.

    Any help would be most appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. rsmithers.net New Member

    Ok, I found a few posts and tried something, which was to use the SSL option from the control panel to generate a Private Key, and thenh use that to Certificate Signing Requests (CSR)

    Am I right in assuming it will take time for this to filter through? because in the Certificates (CRT) option, there are no certificates listed?

    Also, when I have a certificate listed in the last mentioned option, will I be able to use https?

    Thanks in advance.
  3. rsmithers.net New Member

    I have found a help file, which sort of seems to confirm what I think about how to do what I need, but on the last step I get the following error.

    Installed Certificates for the domain(s): Unable to determine host for certificate!

    Just wondering if this means I need to log a support ticket?
  4. if you just need a self signed cert, you will be the issuer and all setup of the cert can be done by you.only problem being your site visitors will receive a "Cannot verify cert" error as the authority is not trusted.
    So you have the option to get the cert authorized by someone like verisign or comodo.
    In a nutshell, you would generate the csr and send it to the authority.they will reply with your public key,rsa key and you just have to install it with your site.
    if all goes well,you will be able to access your site as https://yourdomain.com.

    about the error ur getting:
    i think you didnt specify your domain name in the CN aka Common Name field.
  5. arizonagrooveje New Member

    Will that work on shared hosting? I want to use set up an https page for something I'm playing around with so I don't want to spend money getting a proper cert, a self signed one will be fine. I was talking to someone today who has some experience of setting up SSL who said self signed certs won't work on shared hosting. I've had a go at creating a self signed cert for a subdomain of mine and putting it in my ~/ssl/certs/ directory on the sever but all I get is Firefox saying the server sent error 12263.

    rmisthers - this help file you mention. Where's that at?
  6. lol i dont think you can add a domain as ssl host that way.
    establishing a domain as a valid ssl host involves telling the related apache module (mod_ssl) about your domain and pointing it to your public and rsa keys.you should just open up a support ticket and attach your cert with it and they will update your site for you.

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