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Discussion in 'Community Feedback' started by dirty8, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. dirty8 New Member


    With the downtime problems you had last week, I didn't realise the problem was as big as it was. My site was down, so I went to your home page and then the support page. All looked fine with no announcements. It was only when I started reading some of the forum posts that it was obvious that there were issuses.

    Personally I think one post on the annoucnenment section under support would be fine with updates during the day. That way people won't raise uncessary tickets or bug you on the forums for quick fixes.

    I perosonally couldn't bug you on the forums as I'd never registered. I didn't see the link to the server status until everything was fixed either :(

    Just a suggestion,

  2. fidget Vox et praeterea nihil

    A pretty good suggestion. I felt it unnecessary to raise a ticket after I had checked the forum on that occasion, but it was too late by then.
  3. Adam Administrator

    Hi David,


    Thanks for your suggestions. I've actually just posted this which details some of the action we're taking regarding communications.

  4. Jack HU Moderator

    It's a good suggestion,

    However, with the recent problems that existed, it was on such a large scale, that Kevin was working all day and night resolving issues on several servers. And can be a bit awkward to get onto the forums and post.

    However, you may see the Big D lurking around and posting updates on any downtime or server issues.


    *edit* bleh too slow, kev wins
  5. Rikard Guest

    I was affected by most of the problems that seemed to arrive all at once some days ago. I was tracking the whole issue through the nights and days.

    Official updates were posted (mainly by Dougie) just as soon as the scale of the problems became apparent in the Server Forums with all the latest news on what was being done to fix the problem, who may be affected - in fact everything you could have needed to know. There were also regular updates throughout the day as you suggest!

    Meanwhile the discussion on at least two problems continued in other areas of the forums and was providing usefull feedback to HU support (as they mentioned) while the problems were occuring and once the resolutions were kicking in.

    I don't know what HU's official position is but I am always finding it best to check the forum first before raising a ticket - there are a lot of helpfull users out there to assist.

    I think that the SUPPORT > ANNOUNCEMENTS section is a bit misleading though and it would be better if that link pointed to the Server Forums instead of the (dated) newsletters which maybe could be moved here.

    EDIT: Bah - previous two posts arrived whilst I was typing ..... (again Kevin tooooo fast!)

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