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Discussion in 'Shared Hosting' started by Craine, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. Craine New Member

    I got told by a friend that one of my sites is down, and unfortunately when I checked the others they were down to - which is surprising since I haven't touched anything in a month or two

    had a look at Support->service status (http://www.servercentre.net/networkissues.php) to see what state the servers are in, but - there's a 404 message...

    has anything been changed that I should know about as no one is answering my support ticket.
  2. garethpaul New Member

    hi, i've got the same here.
    I'm guessing you are on the Oxygen server.

    It looks like they updated the PHP build on the weekend which caused some problems on my sites, which they are currently looking in to.

    Hopefully this is related and they are aware of it. I see you have you opened a support ticket. I will open one for this too.

    Oh, and the server status can be found at www.hu-status.com these days. Oxygen currently has all green ticks, but the load and uptime is not available :/
  3. Craine New Member

    my ticket got answered in the end and yes the data is being migrated. unfortunately the server settings didn't get migrated too so my sites have been down for over a day - would have been nice to have some warning about this by email.
  4. Bob I think, it hurts, I stop

    Looking back through logs it seems I over reacted somewhat...

    Server load is up around 10 at the moment - things seem to have come back (at least I can access the server phpinfo page).

    not sure what has been going on - but I was getting 500 and 404 errors which don't appear to show up in the raw logs...
  5. Craine New Member

    uh oh.

    now one of my sites has gone down completely - no errors or anything simply will not resolve!

    at least I'm still getting my email but maybe I shouldn't speak so soon...they say they're working on it.
  6. Craine New Member

    two weeks later and it's still down!!!
  7. Adam Administrator

    Can you PM me the ticket reference and I will take a look for you.

    Best regards
  8. Craine New Member

    Adam - seems my dns settings were wrong, that was corrected, but now the database doesn't seem to have been migrated.

    After the technicians said the data had been migrated again from a backup in the US, the effects were still the same. Seems my data has been corrupted, and now I have a functionless website and no where to point potential clients without embarrassment. the tickets just seem to go in circles at the moment so I'm assuming the worst...

    What's upsetting is that hadn't someone I know checked my website I would have no idea that it was down, and now I can't afford the time to start the site from scratch. This is a real nightmare - if only someone told me before hand the servers where to be migrated!

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