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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by fraz, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. fraz New Member


    I have a domain with HU and I am very impressed with your service, reliability and price. I am considering purchasing your reseller package.

    I am a web developer selling content management systems and shopping carts. I find that my clients often find their hosting control panel quite daunting. Generally all they want to do is set up a few email addresses and possibly check their diskspace, bandwidth and visitor stats. The rest they are happy to leave to me.

    My questions are:

    Firstly, can I control the items that appear on the control panel and limit it to the basics?

    Secondly, if a client comes to me and asks me to build them a shopping cart at the domain, what is the procedure for registering this domain name on their behalf and how do I then link it to their associated webspace?

  2. despammed Wireless bandwidth abuse!

    In my experience....
    Controlling the items that appear on cpanel is a beta feature and your mileage may vary depending on the theme you choose to use with your clients. One thing you could do is set up a page that links directly to the tools your users are most likely to use and open them up in a new window. Just a thought.

    You can register domains anywhere you like (.coms are $5.43/yr if you know where) and just point the name server setting for that domain at the details you get from HU (depends if you want your own IP's), or you could use hu-domains ...

    I suggest that you set up accounts as and then park their domain on top of that account when they are ready to switch, but it's really up to you!

    Hope that helps, TTFN.
  3. nmemon New Member

    Hey thats quite cheap. But only if we knew where, as you put it. $64k question that :(
  4. despammed Wireless bandwidth abuse!

    Since you asked... From Monday afternoon at :
    (better link)

    I have 4 renewals to do and this is going to save me loads with the way the $vs£ relationship is going.
    123-reg charge £8.99 +vat = £10.56 so ~ $18.47 - so this deal rocks at $5+TX sales tax.

    But HU-domains are worth of another mention, since Kevin sells off some cool domains from timt to time.
  5. nmemon New Member

    Cool :beer:
  6. Barry Moderator

    yes you can get cheap domains but the control you get over then are very little :)
  7. despammed Wireless bandwidth abuse!

    Who needs control when all we need in the most part is to set the nameservers and use HU to do the rest?

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