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Discussion in 'Chat Lounge' started by fidget, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. fidget Vox et praeterea nihil

    I am guessing that the forum code was recently updated and this is why I can't get back the original HU style I used to have.

    But more importantly, I notice at the top of the forum home page, and after signing in, that I am apparently most active in "Private forum for Kev and Dougie"!!!!! Eh? Has my split personality :crazy: now fully developed or is there really another me? I cannot access this private forum, and probably shouldn't be, so what is it? Or are my ears just burning?
  2. Rikard Guest

    Quirks, strangeness (and charm) ....

    It's ok Fidget I deleted all the posts in that area when it was available to me!

    Mwahahahahaha! :dgrin:

    Seriously though I'm getting all sorts of right queer things (ooo-errr missus) happening with this version.

    1. If I use 'select all' and right click when writing a pvt msg there is no 'Copy' function
    2. Sometimes highlighting a section is just plain ster-ange. (e.g. Using <SHIFT>-CURSOR KEYS)
    3. Unless I click 'Remember Me' when I sign in then it rapidly 'forgets me' and I'm signed out - usually after I've written a post and click 'Submit'

    (Thinks - JAVA Related??)

    Amongst other things. Is it worth having a temporary forum area to notify all these little quirks so Kevin can work them out 'when and if' time allows??

    Of course it's academic for me as all the hosting/domain renewal money also seems to have ended up in my bank account and I'm just off to board a plane at Heathrow on my way to a new life in the sun .........:wavey:
  3. fidget Vox et praeterea nihil

    Aha! I thought it might be just me. I am having trouble remaining signed in at the moment - its best, I have found, to copy all text in any lengthy reply or post, because I keep getting a 'you must be signed in' page once I submit it. It can be incredibly off putting to have to rewrite a whole passage all over a gain.
  4. heartbreaker Power User

    I miss the former blue skin as well - this one will soon turn me into a blind bat...
  5. Carl Agent impossible

    Im in kev and dougies private forum aswell.. crazy...
  6. Impel GD Graphic and Web Design

    All seems to be okay for me.

    Is this the blue theme you mean?

  7. BurningSnowman Moderator

    Hm, it all seems fine and is behaving itself for me as well.
  8. fidget Vox et praeterea nihil

    Yuk! Noooo!

    I forget its actual name, but I think it may have been called the 'HU Original' or something just as ... unoriginal, lol.
  9. Jack HU Moderator

    Hehe, Private forum only the mods can see :p

    Not sure why you're active in there, i'll go check it out and see how many posts you've both got in there.

    As for the skin, VB got updated, but the HU original (The one i liked aswell) hasn't - Kev said he'd get it on asap

  10. fidget Vox et praeterea nihil

    I'd like to know what I have been saying behind my back. I don't trust me at all.

  11. Rikard Guest

    Updated forum problems ....

    Oh yeah and the swear filter doesn't p**** properly or has got a God complex.
    Try and mention the world's biggest internet auction site. - ****! :eek:

    I don't mind the other security issues - I've managed to register 60+ domains for free but I can't mention where I am auctioning them on **** now! <G>
  12. heartbreaker Power User

    Nope, that's the one killing me :cry:
    Good news is that the original skin will be back soon :viking:
  13. fidget Vox et praeterea nihil

    Is your computer ok?????

    I thought it odd when I wrote sp**** and ended up with sp****, we'll be having to write in some sort of SMS code soon. You could just try mentioning the auction number (that's so long as that kind of advertising is okay here of-course ;) ).
  14. Impel GD Graphic and Web Design

    How about sp4rse or p4rse?

    Anyway, what's so bad about the default skin? :confused:
  15. Adam Administrator


    The skin you're referring to is our 2003 style - I had no idea it was so popular. It'll be back shortly, once the designers have made it compatible with vBulletin 3.5x.

    Please don't try to circumnavigate the filters we have, the mods'll get :mad:

    When posts expire we move them to the forum previously mentioned, nothing to feel too paranoid about. :shifty:

  16. Impel GD Graphic and Web Design

    Hehe; sorry - have removed the, um... you know. :eek:

    Edit: just a thought: I find it amusing that the alternative word for bottom should be disallowed whilst a smiley depiction of bestiality is only a couple of clicks away.

  17. BurningSnowman Moderator

    I agree, and I'll also point out again that words such as párse and spárse probably shouldn't be filtered. Any chance the swear filter could be made a little less wildcard-happy, Kevin?
  18. fidget Vox et praeterea nihil

    ... do you believe him? :shifty:

  19. Rikard Guest

    What are they doing with those posts?? ....

    I believe Kevin (of course) but what are they doing with them :shifty:

    I've got all these mental pictures of K & D pinning them up and using them for darts practice, or passing them between each other going "Have you seen this one hahahaha" or lighting bonfires with them, sticking pins in them ......

    Actually yer right Kevin - it's a powerfull thing this paranoia - I'd better stop. :shifty:

  20. Adam Administrator

    BS: Filtering isn't intelligent.

    Impel: That smilie depicts the joy of herding sheep. :sheep: - surely you can see that?



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