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  1. AdamC New Member

    My Chesterfield site. Should be back up soon when tethys is back!
  2. Rikard Guest

    Chesterfield Site ....

    Took a look at your site Adam. I like the clean, uncluttered design and the colours. I know you've just started it and there's not much up there at the moment but this makes it easy to navigate and clearly labelled.

    A couple of points (of course!)

    The white on grey text is not as clear as it could be - a darker text colour might be easier to read.

    A couple of images are missing - the last two at the bottom left of the pictures page. It would be good to have a description when you hover over them also.

    Some links go straight to a directory listing (eg 'Nightlife'/'Eating Out'). I usually stick the default index.html page in any new directories to avoid this as it alarms some people who think you've broken their computer! I realise that this is on Tethys though so I don't know if you've suffered some data loss.

    Otherwise the presentation is pretty neat - and it runs fast. I'll be checking back!
  3. ecp98rjs Rob

    My sister lives in Chesterfield so I'll ask her to take a look.


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