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Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by bl0at3r, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. bl0at3r I like eating - ALOT!


    I have raised a support ticket for this but whilst I await a response....

    Can I register a domain name through HU (9.99 for 2 years I assume) and have it point at a sub-dir on my exisiting HU package?

    In other words a completely seperate site but using my exisiting webspace - in addition to the domain names I already have pointing at the webspace?

    Is this possible?

  2. Impel GD Graphic and Web Design

  3. bl0at3r I like eating - ALOT!

    Thanks David,

    I have established that my control panel has the 'Add-On Domain Option' - so I assume I can.

    Just got to wait for support to come back to me regarding cost and when they can do it!

  4. Impel GD Graphic and Web Design

    Believe the usual process is just to type the domain in the HU website and order it online with your account. Then you can control the dns and use it as an addon domain name.

    But now that you've raised a ticket you might as well wait for their response.
  5. bl0at3r I like eating - ALOT!

    thanks - not heard anything from support all day - except the standard response from Jayesh... I went ahead and ordered a domain name only from the HU website, in the notes on my order I put that I wish for it to be an Add-On domain for my existing package.

    I assume this to be correct? Do I need to wait for anything from HU now?

    How do I administer the new domain name and set it up to point to a folder on my exisitng webspace?

  6. heartbreaker Power User

    Hi bl0at3r,

    Here are the steps to set-up your new add-on domain :
    1. point your domain to HU namesservers (same as your primary domain)
    2. go to Cpanel > Add-on domains
    3. enter the name of your new domain, type the subdomain where the files will be located and add you cpanel password
    4. click Add domain, that's it ! It creates everything for you : redirects, emails etc.

    I give you an example as it's easier to figure out how it works : I recently acquired and followed the method described above. The files are located on one of my subdomain ( for instance) and the address in the address bar looks like www.newdomain/contact.php It's just as if you had a new package. I find it brilliant. :)

    hope that helps,
  7. bl0at3r I like eating - ALOT!

    great, thanks heartbreaker.

    overnight Aju has setup the Add-On domain and sub-domain etc for me :)

    just gotta wait for the domain name to be registered and propagate

    thanks again
  8. heartbreaker Power User

    you're welcome :)
  9. bl0at3r I like eating - ALOT!


    Domain name now appears registered, the whois says that the nameservers are...

    However my webspace and add-on domain is all hosted on HU-MIRANDA

    DOES THIS MATTER ??? or do they both need to point to Miranda?

    I'll raise a ticket if necessary

  10. mrtickle Jon

    i you'll need to log into your domain control panel and change the name servers to the HU ones ie HU-MIRANDA

    after 24 hours you will then be able to use the add-on feature with in the Hu Control panel and then upload your site to the new folder on the server.
  11. bl0at3r I like eating - ALOT!

    I can't find my domain control panel!

    Support have responded to my ticket with:

    "Regarding your issue, you can change the name server pointing through your billing module, where in you have an option to manage your domains"

    Well I can't find this option anywhere, please advise where I might find this control panel???

  12. BurningSnowman Moderator

    Billing area > My Sites > Domains > [appropriate domain] > Change DNS
  13. Mr E New Member

  14. bl0at3r I like eating - ALOT!

    your lemmings ARE wrong....

    where is the option for changing dns then?

    this is starting to get me a headache!
  15. Mr E New Member

    if those domains were underlined i think you would be able to change it, but theyre not so you cant manage them yourself
  16. Dougie :

    1. There is no option for .uk domains, as has been said. Raise a ticket & make your request.
    2. Asking straight out on a ticket is always preferable to nervously visiting and re-visiting the forums, IMHO. :confused: If you ask clear & concise questions on a ticket, you will get clear & concise answers, and real quick.

  17. bl0at3r I like eating - ALOT!

    Thanks Dougie

    I have pm'd you - it was because of the 'Support' that I felt I needed to post on the forum.


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