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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by Unregistered, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. Unregistered Guest

    I've been pointed to your service by someone who says you would be able to host a domain and maintain about 5 (one-way) mailing lists (not forum/groups)?
    He says you offer a ListServ account? - I can only find a vague reference to mailing lists on your site.

    Is this correct and if so which packages is it included?
    I would want to have about 5 (one-way) lists each with about 100 email addresses that only I can broadcast to. Also receivers would need to be able to subscribe/unsubscribe themselves (via email preferably).

    Can you explain what you offer in this area


  2. Adam Administrator

    Hi Alan,

    The mailing list software that is installed on all accounts by default is Mailman. This is a two-way system though (I always refer to it as 'forums by e-mail').

    You can install phpList easily enough though (through the Fantastico application available with all accounts) which offers one-way mailing.

  3. fidget Vox et praeterea nihil

    I'd recommend PHPList having used it myself. Fairly easily customisable (gr?) and offers users good options (including format options - HTML or text only) and has a fairly decent backend for administration. You can also operate a number of mailing llists through one install. It does a bit more than mailman. Also, I believe that the developers are still offering link backs to those who use it and maintain the PHPList credit (the 'powered by' link to PHPList, usually at the base of PHPList pages) - excellent for SEO.

    Of-course its just one of many excellent scripts which are offered through Fantastico Deluxe (which is provided on all HU's accounts) and installation is as simple as clicking links in your control panel.

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