How to access CPanel now?

Discussion in 'Shared Hosting' started by BigDave, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. BigDave Member


    I used to access the control panel by this method...
    then click on "client login" and select the accoutn necessary and then select my control panel.

    Unfortunately the client log-in now sends me to "payments" but I want to view my AWStats - How do I get to my control panel now?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. BurningSnowman Moderator

    http://yourdomain:2082/ should work. :)
  3. BigDave Member

    Thanks Snowman, that get's me to a log-in page but...

    Now don't laugh, I'm being deadly serious...

    What would my username be?

    Seriously? It's not my usual username, and it's not my email, and it's not my website's URL - I honestly don't remember having a "username" here, apart from these forums!
  4. BurningSnowman Moderator

    I've just realised that the Client Login link on the HU home page now redirects you to Server Centre's own nice account management area, which seems to include an auto-login at My Hosting Packages > View Details (at least for me). This should also show your cPanel user name if it hasn't changed.
  5. BigDave Member

    Thanks for the reply Snowman.

    For some reason that route doesn't work for me either - I keep getting "Login Attempt Failed!"

    But the same password and username DOES work here!?!?!?

    So I'm sorted - thanks! (just letting you know).

    p.s. slightly offtopic, but does everyone have a traffic downturn in June? Is it the weather, or is it particular to my market (pool/billiards)?
  6. JohnC < ? />

    Dave, once you're logged in via that second method, have a look round your files and see what the root name of your account is. ie your stuff should start at /home/username
    In my case, anyway, that's my cP login username.

    btw my June traffic here in Japan was about the same, but checking my webstats for the first time in ages I noticed that China which used to be number two or so in the countries list is now way down with only one visit or so in July. Have I put up something to offend the Chinese authorities and get me blocked I wonder? America is now number one.

    I don't care really as my customers aren't likely to be coming from either place. ;)

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