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Discussion in 'HTML Development' started by nedsbeds, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. nedsbeds New Member

    For a website I am building, it needs a page of testimonials.
    The owner wants these to be in some sort of handwritten font.
    I could supply a long list of suitable "handwritten" fonts in the style sheet and hope that they have at least one. this is not really ideal either because im sure there are hundreds of them!

    From another forum the concensus seems to be that Lucida Handwriting is pretty common, and it works fine, but i want a few more really common handwriting fonts.
    So please could people list fonts they have that look like handwriting?
    Im looking for default fonts that come with operating systems really. They could also do with being fairly legible! So if someone could look on a mac os, someone with linux, etc. just list ones you have, that would be a great help.


  2. BurningSnowman Moderator

    I have "Century Schoolbook L" and "URW Chancery L" by default in Ubuntu Linux 5.10. These seem like the most handwriting-y fonts I have.

    However, you should end a font-family declaration with a generic family anyway. You seem to want any sort of cursive font, so why specify any names at all? Just do font-family: cursive; and let the user's system pick out its own default cursive font.
  3. nedsbeds New Member

    hmmm, i wasnt even aware of that burning smowman!
    Thats a lot easier.
    Shall try that now. It gives me another excuse not to do my algorithms and data structures coursework I'm meant to be doing hehe.
    Cheers Boyo

    EDIT: hmm seems I was using a generic family in my css, but just never twigged :p
  4. BurningSnowman Moderator

    No worries. I'm also putting off numerous tasks I should be doing. I was going to spend the whole day procrastinating, but I've put that off until later. :)
  5. limestone New Member

    Just to add a little bit - you can still specify a few fonts speculatively i.e. font-family: 'Comic Sans MS', 'Lucida Handwriting', cursive;

    The user's system will use the first one it finds or default to its own best guess if it reaches 'cursive' at the end.
  6. nedsbeds New Member

    Thats how i've got it.
    Cheers guys.

    www.cdphoto.co.uk/testimonials.php if you're interested :p
    the site is nearing completion now, but still got a lot of debugging with the backend before I transfer all users to this new site.

  7. heleoptoneeld New Member

    it looks nice, and it is readable but would be easier to read if you just wrote normally.

    less curly writing would also be much faster to read - how are you going to write notes or anything quickly? you need something thats everyday, fast, and legible. just take your regular handwriting and work on that, and keep this fancy script for invitations

    oh, and yes, it does look like girls writing.

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