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Discussion in 'Useful Resources' started by webby, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. webby Debs

    I've just signed up for a Google account in order to use these maps on one of my websites as they look pretty good. What I like about it is that it's not just a local map but you can also get satellite images of the map area and a hybrid overlay with road names superimposed.

    Has anyone else tried using this on their site and if so what was your experience of it? I have a feeling it's going to be a bit of trial and error for me to get it just how I want it :confused:

    It's done in Javascript btw
  2. Rikard Guest

    Hosting Google Earth files ....

    Hi Webby,

    I ain't tried this myself but there is some information in This Thread Here.

    Have you started on this yet? If so what problems are you finding?

    I've a backlog of mundane stuff to do at the moment but I did have a session with Google Earth a while back and it is pretty amazing. I even found my car on it down at the allotments! When I was at school the folk lore was that the satellites could read number plates and see into your bedrooms. I always said I thought that was propaganda but if this is what Google can release then the military stuff must be even clearer :eek:

    There's been a lot of talk of what gets censored though (like "area 51") and they had a sort of competition to find anomolies in it at The Register a while back. They've even claimed to have spotted Jesus and Hitler .....

    From The Register

    Google Earth: the black helicopters have landed

    Google spots Jesus in Peruvian sand dune

    Search The Register for Google Earth Stories
  3. webby Debs

    I'm not sure that it is exactly the same thing. I found it being used on a national website, honed in on my locality and it seemed pretty good. Whether it's because there are loads of trees where I am or just that it's not so clear as those ones on the links you gave, I don't know, but it seems a bit different. I took a look at that other thread too and I don't recall seeing anything like that when I had a quick skim through the blurb last night:

    I've not actually tried to do anything with it as yet, but it looks reasonably straightforward, save for the tweaking required.

    Black helicopters looking into your bedroom are nothing new here, though why the police think a speeding car may be found there I have no idea! :crazy:

    What's all this 'ain't'? Makes you sound like a common Londoner.... which I ain't anymore since I moved away ;)
  4. Rikard Guest

    Google Earth and alien invasions ....

    Me neither and I only found out you could host bits yourself from that other thread. I am thinking that I will have a go myself this weekend just so I know how it's done. I'll post any findings here.

    As for the resolution - apparently the whole thing is made up of a composite of whatever images where available when they started to get this up and running. So some areas have lower resolution and some are quite scary in that you can even see yourself if you where stood in the right place at the right time. I've also noticed that some areas have got better resolutions since the project started along with those that have been "masked" as well.

    It's moved on from black helicopters of course (note the large unexplained window shattering boom off the north east of scotland recently) and the threat is much closer to home. See:-

    Digi-TV box bid to signal alien invasion blocked by RAF choppers
    Second Freeview box signals alien invasion fleet

    Cor lummerny 'guv - I dunno - I just got called a Canadian because I save time typing by using "aboot" and "oot". I've moved around the UK so much all sorts of accents creep in though.

    As for you moving - nice one. Savour it. I live in hope .... :)

    BTW - anywhere near Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall? LOL
  5. webby Debs

    But is it the same or not? The one on that thread looked way too complicated. I shall have a go at it and if I succeed then I may let you have the url to see if you can spot my car! (It matches them helicopters) lol

    Now you're going to think I am totally round the twist, but being as they are satellite images, do they get updated, like day and night? If so, that could be why the resolution appeared not to be so good, never mind the trees! It was dark last night lol

    Same here, though only in the South. I love it down here and I'm not too far from HFW, not that I've ever met him. lol
  6. webby Debs

    :banana: I've done it!
  7. webby Debs

    Google Earth and Google Maps are not the same thing. The latter is very simple compared to GE (I took one look at what that entails and went :eek: ). Not a live satellite image on GM, not even sure if it is on GE.

    In using GM I would say it is better for a town map, or at least a semi-built-up area. If you want rural, the maps aren't really detailed enough, so you'd have to add to it yourself, as I'm going to have to. That means getting the coordinates for everything you want to mark or adding an overlay or both. There are lots of neat add-ons though being open-source :)

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