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    I will be adding a large repsiratory of slideshows to a website in the coming week but have come across a minor problem.

    The client's date structure is set in stone and they are reluctant to have any changed due to cost and time etc. The images directory of the dataset will contain around 3000 folders, each containing 300-100 images.

    Downloading the data from the current host, I discovered onlu 1998 folders had been downloaded. A little bit of research seems to indicate that Cpanel FTP has a list limit of 2000 items. (However, when viewed with Cpanel File Manager all the folders showed correctly but the thought of manually ticking some 900 folders and downloading did not appeal)

    I've got round it by deleting those downloaded and then downloading the rest but the same data structure will be recreated on the HU server space.

    Unfortunately, the data structure for new material being added is only created when a users manually adds new images through the admin panel. Those new folders created would need to be backed up now and again but, with a viewable limit of 1998 folders I'm not going to be able to back them up using FTP.

    I know it would have been far easier of the data could have been restructured but in the current climate the client isn't going to spend any money on this and it's my problem to deal with.

    My question in the first instance is, can the file list limit be reconfigured by the server admins. I've read that it can be and wonder if this can be done so the folder contens can be viewed in their entirity.

    Thanks for your attention
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    I think you need to log a support ticket for this. Support should be able to help you.

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