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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by Grumbledook, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. Grumbledook New Member

    I was looking at your hosting and it seems great, along with all the support and this rather swanky forum.

    Now i read that transferring a domain onto hosting here will cost £5.99 and add an extra year and that control of the domain comes over here as well.

    Now currently I manage all my domains using ukreg which i find rather handy. Is it possible to just transfer the hosting onto here and leave all the domain management where it is and just change the name servers?

    Also if I have things right I can't transfer the domains yet until you get an IPSTAG, so basically I have to have the domains controlled elsewhere and just host the site on here.

    So while I don't totally object to moving my domain control onto here if thats what I have to do but it certainly would be easiest if I could keep them all in the same place, specially should I want to change hosting again.

    My other question is about multiple sites on the same account. I will probably want to move onto a reseller account but its not something i need to start with. Though the things is most sites hosting only allows for one site but allow other domains to point to the same site and if you want multiple sites then you have to take the reseller option. So is it allowed that I can have multiple domains pointing to different sites on the same hosting package?

    Lastly is there a demo of the control panel that I could poke about with?

    I think that was all i wanted for now but I am sure more things will come to mind.
  2. Barry Moderator

    1. yes you can just change name server information and keep your control panel with ukreg :)

    2. you can host more than 1 site using the add-on domain option :)

    3. You can see a demo control panel here :)
  3. Adam Administrator

    Hello Grumbledook (I love some of the names that float around these forums:)),

    I'll do my best to answer your questions now:

    Firstly, you are correct - until the end of 2003 .com .net and .org transfers are just £5.99. This can be initiated from our main web hosting site (this one) or via our domains site, which is located at HU-Domains offers the facility to manage your domains, similar to what you are used to with UKREG. However, if you prefer, you can leave the domain with UKREG and simply update nameserver information on your domain (this would mean you couldn't transfer your domain to us though and manage it at UKREG).

    Until we get an IPSTAG we cannot accept incoming transfers so all that needs to be done to take advantage of our hosting is to change nameserver information.

    I fully understand your point of view about transferring all of your domains over to us and then should you wish to move on you'll have the hassle of moving away again. The simplest way of looking at it really is to see us or UKREG as simply the billing contact for your domain - you will still be able to use your domain(s) with whichever service you wish regardless of who handles the renewals of your domain.

    We are very shortly (before this weekend) introducing a new line of hosting packages which cater for your needs - our multi-domain hosting packages. This range of packages does exactly as you'd expect - you will have a 'master' control panel with which you can create accounts at will with various disk space and bandwidth quotas. Multi-domain hosting will be almost identical to our reseller packages with the obvious exception that space isn't permitted to be resold.

    Finally, a demo control panel is available at

    Feel free to ask any more questions :)


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