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Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by mez90, Jun 16, 2012.

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    Ive Just been asked something a couldn't answer so thought I'd ask for you thoughts...

    Someone has recently sold a (restaurant) business but the previous owner didn't sell the businesses web domain name with it. The previous owner isn't willing to sell it at a reasonable price but also hasn't edited the content to show he's no longer the owner and the site is out of date.

    While the business can register a new site at servercentre and make a new site does the content of the old site need to be taken down by the previous owner? Especially if its showing out of date information still relating to the business as if it was current and valid, which is having an impact on the business and customers?
    Ie prices and offers opening hours. Etc
    The domain is up for renewal in a few months while nothing can stop him from renewing is there any advice I can give the new owner.

    What can be done about it.
    Any advice would be good.
  2. Robert Wheeler Super Moderator


    As this is an area that requires legal expertise to give sound guidance, I would recommend that your friend seeks legal advice to establish their best course of action.

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