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Discussion in 'Shared Hosting' started by cyberdyne, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. cyberdyne Member

    Has anyone else noticed that the cPanel 'Latest Visitors' / 'IP' column has started showing Hostnames instead of IP addresses since the latest update?

    I've contacted support but was told I'd have to wait until the next update for this to be fixed, however, the staff on the cPanel support forums say this issue is not part of the latest update and would welcome a support request from my host in order to try and fix this.

    Any comments welcome.
  2. cyberdyne Member

    Any at all.....
  3. cyberdyne Member

    Does anyone else visit these forums or just me ??
  4. ing Administrator

    Hi, yes it is quiet here isn't it.

    anyway I have just had a dig around for the ticket you raised and think I have it pinned down.

    What you see in latest visitors is the result of Lookup and shows these results; sometimes this may show a domain rather than an IP address but as you can see in your Latest visitors, you have a mixture of both domains and IPs dependent on what the lookup found.

    I hope this helps

  5. cyberdyne Member

    It explains what is happening, yes, thank you. However, what is the reason for this happening on your servers but nowhere else? I have spoken to cPanel support and this should not be happening. Latest visitors should only be showing IP's, which I would much prefer. Is there any reason SC's servers show a mixture of both?

    Many thanks for your reply.
  6. ing Administrator


    To my understanding (and I am starting to get a little out of my depth here) if an IP has had a label attached to it, ie building name, company etc, then this will be returned with the reverse dns lookup although how cPanel use this tool I cannot comment on.

    Have a look here for a little more info

  7. cyberdyne Member

    I think you may be missing my point.
    The behavior of Server Centres' servers in displaying Hostnames does not occur on other hosts servers. According to cPanel support, 'Latest Visitors' should show IP addresses and only IP addresses, not Hostnames.

    Thanks again
  8. cyberdyne Member

    Having raised this issue on the cPanel forums, here is their response:

    cPanel Staff
  9. cyberdyne Member

    Any feedback appreciated!
  10. ing Administrator


    I cannot see the link you posted as it requires login to the cPanel forum, could post an actual screenshot please.

    We have a default install of cPanel so I cannot explain it; on saying that we do not see this as an issue (and therfor have not logged a ticket with cPanel) as the information given is more usefull and we have had no complaints from any of our other customers.

  11. cyberdyne Member

    Here's the image as requested but given the rest of your reply I guess it's pointless anyway.


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