Discussion in 'Great Web Sites' started by tben2505, May 13, 2004.

  1. tben2505 Tom

    Used to like the design but what have they done to the top now? All that white space looks so rubbish!!

    What do you all think? Is there a good reason for it?
  2. ThinkHarder New Member

    No there is no reason for it, its just ugly!
  3. mrselnombre New Member

    yuck.. basically
  4. interman New Member

    I dunno, looks OK to me. Also it extends their new theme on the box. Beats red dancers.
  5. gollach extreme sheep enthusiast


    All that white space makes it look like a background image hasn't loaded.
  6. alexasigno New Member

    Hmm yep crap! White space is ok, if the design minimalistic, but the bottom half of the screen is just way to heavy! Making the top of the page out of balance
  7. atech Web Designer/Developer

    Looks like they got rid of the whole BBCi thing
  8. tben2505 Tom

    Look at it now its disgusting! that horrible blue and look at the title for "Explore"

    it's too big and cramped and it just all looks really bad now. What have they done!
  9. ThinkHarder New Member

    Yea whatever happened to BBCi :|
  10. Truzenzex TSD Owner

    All the white space is for browser/res compatability I would amagine.

    BBC web site is excellent web site and is very well coded.
  11. tben2505 Tom

    But it now looks crap.

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