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Discussion in 'Useful Resources' started by JohnC, Oct 25, 2006.

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    The other day while I was looking for a fix for a Firefox audio streaming issue I ran into this:
    It's a pdf on security for php, chapter 3 of a book on Apache security, generously made available for download by the author. The book's site is here:

    While basically aimed at people like Dougie and Kevin, the php chapter has some advice the likes of us can benefit from too, and some interesting general information.
    There are some other downloads on that same page- installation of Apache, and a presentation that summarises the whole book.

    A lot of it's over my head, but a good read if you're interested in security on Apache servers... ( ... er ... :shifty: ... )
  2. Impel GD Graphic and Web Design

    Thanks John - PDF downloaded ready for consumption later.

    I've recently been referring to a PHP 101 which has a section on security. It's more focussed on data validation and pattern matching and substitution, but thought it might be worth dropping into this topic.

    (Renaming the topic might be useful in catching peoples' eye John.)
  3. JohnC < ? />

    Why not indeed? Just Scrapbooked it. :)
    Ah true, but too late now- that seems to be impossible. Remember next time.
  4. Dougie :

    It's who you know.... :dgrin:

  5. JohnC < ? />

    Oh, cheers Dougie!

    (btw David, hope you don't mind I've replaced the avatar you kindly made. It just seemed a bit ... dark ... or something. :) )

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