Anyone using SFTP?

Discussion in 'Shared Hosting' started by JohnC, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. JohnC < ? />

    I just wondered if anyone was successfully using SFTP to upload files to the new UK servers. (or SSH for that matter)

    I had it working perfectly for one day just before the server migration. :(

    Support are on the case but it's taking a long time and it would be encouraging to know of someone for whom it was already working.
  2. tatster New Member

    Not using SFTP, but would sure be interested to learn how you get on, ie is it easy to setup etc?

    I was reading about it, and was then going to look at what would be needed on HU's side.

  3. JohnC < ? />

    It's very easy with filezilla, for example, or it was before the last server change...
  4. JohnC < ? />

    Very happy to report that Support have finally set it up for me, and SFTP uploads are working. :)
    Having used vanilla ftp for so long I can't claim it was an urgent issue, but the idea of sending my password over the network unencrypted was bothering me more and more...

    If you don't want to mess with command-line stuff Filezilla will do SFTP easily. Just don't choose the option of having your password remembered for you or it'll be saved in a config file in plain text for anyone to read.

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