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A busy week in Unified Comms . .

on Tuesday, 24 April 2012. Posted in Industry Comments

We have just recently come back from a rather rainy and wet Manchester, as we attended, exhibited and spoke at the Convergence Summit North. If you don’t know, the Convergence Summit, held annually both in the North (Manchester) and South, is the ‘go to’ event for everything in Unified Communications. All the major playors are there including us, and it was a delight to speak to you all, meet you and a big hearty thanks to everyone that came to say hello to us on Stand 14 and had some of our sweets!

“In the office, on the move, wherever you are, Lync”

That was our strapline and it’s certainly true. If you have’nt already tried Lync, we thoroughly recommend you do. The channel is very much new in terms of experience with Lync, and we are proud here at Server Centre to be one of the leading providers of Lync, having built extensive experience and knowledge of the product, platform, provisioning and shortfalls which are few to be fair. To try Lync today for 30 days, why not give us a call, or drop us an email, we’d love to talk to you.

“Is Lync really carrier grade!?”

A question which was asked a lot during the summit and one we’d like to passionatley say a big “YES”. Why not pop that search term into Google, and check out our video, Lync uses a slue of packet correction, validation and error checking to ensure call quality is simply exceptional. It’ll even work on a fairly low speed internet line (contention permitting), as opposed to VoIP of old, which would fall over at the earliest opportunity! Don’t believe us, call us today. We use Lync in our office throughout.

“In laymens terms, what can Lync do for me then!?”

In a nutshell, hosted Lync with Server Centre offers you an opportunity to bring all your business communication (IM, Video Conferencing, Enterprise Voice calling, Presence and Outlook integration) all under one roof, one client, and one location. Hosted offsite in our secure data centres, you can be sure of uptime, redundancy and no more expensive on-site engineer visits just like when your dusty old PBX breaks. You can retrieve your Voicemail, store message and contact history (useful for governance and industry compliance) and with a range of plug in features (discussed below), Lync really is a low-cost way of providing your teams and staff with an all-in-one communication product!

“We love our iPhones, can we use Lync on them!!?”

We love our iPhones too! We also love our Androids, and a few of us on the Service Desk have even been known to use Windows powered smartphones. The good news is that Server Centre have partnered with one of the best 3d party providers of mobile clients for Lync. We have a product called MaxACD which allows you at a end-user level, to take the full Lync experience with you on your smartphone. IM, chat, conference and swap files just as if you were at your computer. Take your desk number with you, and the beauty of it is it’s all wrapped up in one shiny interface. (We think it’s better than the current Microsoft Lync client, but that’s for another blog post!)

The MaxMobile client (offered as an extra paid for option with Lync) allows users to make & receive calls, IM and view presence and other data straight from their mobile smartphone. Its quick, efficient and works really well!

“ok well I’m interested, how can I get Lync?”

That’s the good news! Getting Lync is easy. First of all, head over to our download area and grab yourself the suitable client (here) and then call us on 0845 413 3800 or email and we’ll set up some demo accounts for you & your organisation. Once you’ve seen Lync in action, we have no doubt you’ll love it!

In the meantime, have a great day, and remember, if you need Lync, you need Server Centre!

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