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on Tuesday, 01 May 2012. Posted in Hosted Lync

Social Updating on the fly.

So we use Lync throughout our org as our main communication tool. We love it. It's our telephone system.
Sometimes it's our meeting sharing space, sometimes its our web video conferencing system. Sometimes we use
its IM features to arrange drinks on a Friday. But this week we've been tinkering to truly understand the
potential of Lync, and its plug in library which of course, will get bigger as time goes on.

We're social here at Server Centre, and we feel it's important to leverage every aspect of Social Media,
so we were happy to see two plugins this week, the first although labelled 'Lync Social' isn't quite what
you'd initially think.

Developed by Xstran, it scans incoming emails and identifies if the sender uses Lync and suppports
federation. It then pops up a box (see below) asking whether you want to move them to your contacts
list. You can download it here


The second is more social, and allows you to update your Linkedin & Twitter using the Status update
directly in the link client, prefixing anything with a custom command, typically #LI or #TW etc, but
these really can be anything. It's a great way of updating your professional status in one place,
and you can download the tool here.


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