Welcome to Server Centre

Server Centre is totally focused on managing hosting solutions for customers, from simple web servers to complex online applications and email solutions. We give our customers the confidence that enables them to 'forget' about their online infrastructure through providing support driven services for their hosted applications.

By outsourcing your hosting to Server Centre you get the peace of mind that your hosting environment is being looked after by the experts, whilst alleviating the pressure on your own IT department.  We take away those IT hassles, all those day to day IT tasks and projects you really don't want to focus on. The implementing, updating, troubleshooting, patching, monitoring, administering, backing up and storing, upgrading and every day support - all becomes our responsibility.

With a well-deserved reputation for excellent customer service. We are focused on delivering high availability hosting solutions for our clients at a competitive price. Our aim is to be the number one choice for hosting in the UK, and our growth to date has demonstrated our commitment to that goal.

What we do

We make technology work. Our purpose is to deliver strategic, value-added services with a high level of customer service and accountability. We keep things simple, educate our customers, and create synergy between our company and yours.


Why choose Server Centre

  • Solutions - Our offering consists of many great services that can be brought together to offer you a complete solution
  • Flexible - We don’t make customers fit in a box. All our services can be developed to meet your business requirements
  • Reliable - We manage and monitor our services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensuring that your services are available when you need them
  • People - We have a great team who understand customers, offer good advice, and are committed to delivering exceptional customer service
  • Support - Our highly skilled support team are never more than a phone call away

Service Promise

Here's our promise to you

We'll use our experience, knowledge and skills to:

  • Thoroughly understand your business requirements
  • Deploy the right solution for you, and operate it cost effectively
  • Provide full service monitoring and support, 24/7
  • Ensure scalability to meet your changing needs
  • Provide a highly secure IT environment; both in our data centres and your premises.
  • Full Disclosure and Transparency

We'll be accountable for what we do; whether it's our hosted services, or services deployed in your own premises.

We'll constantly invest in our partnerships with the best in the industry, and in our hardware and software too.

Last, but not least, we'll invest in the best people, so that you continue to get the best service and access to the best skills.

Contact Us

  • The Old Public Hall
  • 3 Watnall Road
  • Nottingham
  • NG15 7LD
  • Tel: 0845 413 3800

Connect with Us

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